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Land Use Planning Information

Land Use Planning Information
This page contains links to a variety of information and resources that can help you understand the issues surrounding your natural resources. By understanding these topic areas, you will have much of the information you need to affect positive change in your community’s use of land resources and your quality of life.
Wetlands & Floodplains
Why are Wetlands Important?
Do I Have a Wetland on My Property?
Wetland Conservation and Protection
Voluntary Wetland Protection Options
Federal Wetland Regulations
Michigan's Wetland Permit Process
Where to Go for More Help
Fens, Marshes, and Bogs
Floodplain Forests
The Water Cycle
How We Use Water
Surface Water Quality
Groundwater Basics
Groundwater Pollution
Groundwater Protection
Installing a Well
Coastal Resources
Aquatic Nuisance Species
Coastal Authorities
Coastal Geomorphology & Habitats
DEQ Michigan Coastal Management Program
Great Lakes Water Levels
Historic & Cultural Resources
Sensitive Shoreline Development
Soil Basics
Soil Erosion
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Introduction to GIS
Human Impacts
Cost of Community Services
Impervious Surfaces
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Septic Systems
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